Marketing and Social Media Management

Are you looking at Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and multi-media as avenues to promote your business? Are you evaluating other companies or individuals to assist with social media management, blogging or posting and promoting videos online?

Tip: Review the potential vendor's Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin or Youtube profiles. See if they have signs of personal success, understanding and growth online. What you find may surprise you. Many self proclaimed "experts" have dormant or non-existent profiles in social media.

Trace has been immersed in social media since 2007:

He's combining that with 25 years experience in "traditional" media and marketing to bring proven value to the table for his clients.

"Social Media is not the "end game" in marketing, just another piece of the puzzle." --Tracy Ready

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Coming to you with a proven track record of results, Trace is available for phone consultation, and will accurately price your marketing needs, always striving for "real world" results..

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